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Unique, luxury bags for the ethical consumer

World’s first range of eco-friendly luxury products made from upcyled materials where every purchase means a scholarship for an underprivileged child


New Globe Traveller are hard at work crafting the world’s first range of high-quality hand-made products made from upcyled leather and tyre tubes. New Globe Traveller are the world’s first One for One, One to One business model, where not only is a child’s education supported for a year on every premium purchase, but a meaningful connection is formed between the buyer and the child through the exchange of photographs and online updates.


The products are designed in the UK and manufactured by one of India’s pioneering upcycling companies. Humankind dumps 2.12 billion tonnes of waste each year and New Globe Traveller are determined to be part of the solution. Their approach is set to challenge the preconception that ethical products must be lacking in style or quality. Each luxury bag is hand-made from high quality leather pieces that are sourced from leading leather factories. These are then blended with tyre inner tubes that would otherwise have been disposed in landfills, and caused an environmental hazard. No two bags are the same because of the organic pattern of the tyre tubes that are used on each individual hand-made bag. High quality cotton interiors and vintage fittings complete the picture: every bag is unique.


If this blend of quality and sustainability already sets New Globe Traveller apart, it is only the beginning of the story. The manufacturing process creates jobs and learning opportunities for marginalised and economically disadvantaged sections of society, who learn long-term hand-crafting skills as they work. One in ten children on the planet will never go to school, and the company want to make a difference to those at risk of missing out. In addition to the scholarships given for premium bags, the purchase of a smaller product such as an iPad cover or passport holder will result in an educational creativity kit being given to young street children in the buyer’s name.


The project launched on Kickstarter on Monday 20th February, when New Globe Traveller will be asking conscious consumers to “join a league of new heroes” by investing in products that are both luxurious and ethical. Until then, potential ‘heroes’ can register their interest at newglobetraveller.com, where more in-depth information about both the production process and the charitable benefits can be found.


In an age of mindless consumerism and an ever-widening divide between the haves and have-nots, it is heartening to discover a new business that is searching for true meaning through the products it designs and produces.