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14 Jul

London Essentials

Art of Dining- After School Club @ Old School Rooms, Round Chapel Wednesday July 22nd - August 6th ENTRY - £55 Fancy taking a trip back in time to your ‘good old school days’? Or...

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09 Jun

London Essentials

Rooftop bars Roofnic Mon- Sun, 10am-10pm Roofnic, a brand new Central London pop-up rooftop bar, boasts a scenic view over London far above the busy crowds of Oxford Street. Roofnic is perfect for those summertime...

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16 Apr

Get your grill on with Meat Porter

Just in time for the warm weather, Meat Porter offers their Gluten-Free barbecue box! This 20-serving pack will satisfy even the most particular eater at your next cookout. The Gluten-Free BBQ box includes: • 9...

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11 Dec

Planning a party this festive season? Kold Cocktails is here to help!

Top 10 tips for holding a cocktail party The party season is nearly upon us, and with it some the stress of entertaining various family members and guests, especially if you’re hosting the Christmas or...

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17 Jul

Woodthorpe Comms announces new frozen cocktail client – Kold Cocktails

Lifestyle PR and communications agency, Woodthorpe Comms, is delighted to announce Kold Cocktails as their newest client. Kold Cocktails offers a range of frozen cocktails using triple-distilled grain vodka and barrel-aged white rum paired with...