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14 Jul

London Essentials

Art of Dining- After School Club @ Old School Rooms, Round Chapel Wednesday July 22nd - August 6th ENTRY - £55 Fancy taking a trip back in time to your ‘good old school days’? Or...

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27 May

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts For Gardening This Autumn

Preparing your garden for a winter is essential. Award-winning garden designer and founder of Garden Club London, Tony Woods, shares his top 5 do’s and don’ts for your garden this autumn. 1. DO: EXAMINE YOUR...

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22 May

Offsetting your carbon footprint at work.

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28 Nov

The Perfect Taxi for the Christmas Party Season

The party season is upon us, and research from the Daily Mail shows that from the start of November that women spend an average of 49 hours preparing for this time - clearly we take...

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14 Nov

Founder of HomeFix Direct, Declan Curran, gives us some good advice on the run-up to Xmas…

Is it just us, or has Christmas crept upon us pretty quickly this year? Insert to do list: cards, presents, clean, tidy, decorations....and stress - our money has spiralled down the drain before the end...