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14 Dec

Cecily Revives the Elegance of Past Eras in their SS16 Collection

Renowned for their easy to wear tailored dresses, Cecily have revived the elegance of past eras for their SS16 collection.  Cecily have listened to what the modern day woman wants by addressing the issues that all...

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11 Dec

Planning a party this festive season? Kold Cocktails is here to help!

Top 10 tips for holding a cocktail party The party season is nearly upon us, and with it some the stress of entertaining various family members and guests, especially if you’re hosting the Christmas or...

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06 Nov

Feeling chilly?

Feeling the cold? If so, Quba & Co. have a range of winter warmers that will keep you snug and chill free from Autumn until Spring. With a large selection of colours and finishes, Quba's...

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28 Nov

The Perfect Taxi for the Christmas Party Season

The party season is upon us, and research from the Daily Mail shows that from the start of November that women spend an average of 49 hours preparing for this time - clearly we take...

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19 Nov

Prepare for the office party with Laurenti!

Now winter is in full swing and temperatures are starting to drop. It may be getting chilly, but the festive season is fast approaching and one thing we can look forward to in the office...